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You've all seen my posts about my preference for bareback. Recently, a chica I know got pregnant and her boyfriend confided in me that she always told him she could not get pregnant. I'm no expert on female fertility. The novio claims he used condoms mostly but she'd wouldn't make him do it so eventually he started going bareback. This really opened my eyes. My last trip to Colombia I ended up wifing up and barebacking this chica in Cartagena. She told me, as well, that she could not get pregnant. I remember asking her twice about this before doing the deed. She insisted she would need fertility meds to get knocked up.

Cartagena sex chat

I'm starting to connect the two together. Are these girls intentionally lying so as to get pregnant? Guys please post your other things you have to say here:I was wondering if you or another senior member could set-up an FAQ type thread where members can easily find information about Medellin and Cartagena please? It would definitely help new members find info and also Cartagena sex chat repeated questions. Could be. Between STDs and pregnancy, there's plenty of incentive to use condoms. Some solve solve the second issue by getting a vasectomy.

A non-pro from Medellin wants to come with me to Cartagena next week. She claims she has never been to a beach. I'm torn between being mr nice guy and going along with it, or cancelling on her because I realize I won't be able to monger worth shit with her around.

Monger problems. It's only Monday. Surely you can figure out how to rectify the "never fucked me" issue. Cartagena is a great place for vacation, but regarding mongering it's poor compared to Bogota, Medellin or Cali: prices are sky high, girls are not pretty and service is poor. Cartagena sex chat place is spoilded by tourists. It might be a mongering option for tourists that combine both, but coming from Medellin to go to monger in Cartagena is a no sense. Just go on week-end with that girl, relax and enjoy Cartagena and leave mongering for when you are in Medellin. And hey, if the girl insists on going with you, it's simply impossible she will not have sex with you during that week-end.

I'm the opposite. I prefer mongering in Cartagena, and recently we had a discussion on pricing there. It's not too different unless you're are comparing it to casa prices in Medellin and Bogota I'm not into Casas. I won't be taking her. She's a cute girl but by all s just wants to mooch off me and I'm not into her enough to fuck her.

Cartagena sex chat

By the first night in Cartagena I hope to wife up with a fat ass morena and try out some anal. I like to make these trips into special projects. I am at the airport right now, going back to Seattle.

Cartagena sex chat

I found this web Colombiangfe. That is what they said. I arrived to Medellin and the girl from the website was waiting for me. It is true, is unbelievable, you can actually see the faces of the model. I have to catch my fly, I will write more later. I was wondering when the next shill would come along to advertise their rip-off escort services here. It has been awhile. If they actually provided the service they promise, they wouldn't need to come here and lie about the service. Sorry, I didn't lie.

Cartagena sex chat

I contact theI asked for Cartagena sex chat girl and she was there hours later, knocking my door, the same girl of the web, body and face. She was very nice very polite and just a that moment I gave her the money. I didn't pay anything to the web or to any other person, just to the model. Going to have to call bullshit on that one. Your syntax says English is not your native tongue, and you're certainly not from Seattle.

That's strike 1. You had only 2 posts, basically identical, on 2 Medellin thre, both promoting an escort agency. That's strike 2. No other posts. No "I'm coming to Medellin", or "can anyone help with. That's strike 3. You see American tourists don't come to ISG, post 2 for the same escort agency and nothing else. They ask questions, they tell about their experiences, they brag, or complain. At the very least they will give some sort of introduction. If you want to advertise your business, pay for an advertisement. Yes you are right, I am from Italy, I am an engineer at Boei. And no, is not my web.

Oh yes they do. Paternity and child support laws not only in Colombia but in all of South America mean that, if a girl gets knocked off by a solvent guy not even a rich guy, just solvent by American standards and she can prove it, her life is solved, at least money-wise.

Always, always, always distrust a girl who says she cannot get pregnant. I've heard it's the other way around in Colombia. A girl is lucky if she can ever get child support. Cartagena sex chat would make purposefully getting pregnant a really stupid move. I've known many a Colombian girl with child, and I can assure you. A ton of them aren't getting jack shit in terms of support from the baby's daddy!

More the rule than the exception. So, I'm with you on this. From what I understand, child support laws are not applied very strongly in Colombia. They are about where the US was a few decades ago. Most of the girls probably aren't sophisticated enough to do this, but it has happened I know of one case personally. It always comes down to money.

If the girl gets knocked up by her just-as-poor-as-she Colombian boyfriend, it probably isn't worth the money to try to get any money from him. This is a risky hobby, mongering, but we are all adults and every one of us can decide the risk level he is willing to take.

Cartagena sex chat

Pregnancy not being the only one nor the worst. Besides, being a BB sex fan myself, I'll be the last one to throw a stone. I just point to a simple fact of which I have a couple examples. To be honest, whether the laws were enforced Cartagena sex chat not I couldn't abandon a kid in some other country. I just don't want to have to raise it with a lying puta.

Perhaps less. And you don't have to pay extra airfare and double all your meals, drinks expenses. We both know what we're getting and that's cool etc. Otherwise solo it is. You made these plans from the get go for solo and you were OK with that at the time. It should still be good now. Or if you think you can turn her into the perfect "what you want in a sexy travel partner" before you go there's always that option. Sage advice.

They don't know who the father is. They don't know where the father is. They know where the father is but he's jobless. They know where the father is and know he has a job but it's low paying and under the table. No legal recourse.

Cartagena sex chat

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