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The faces of two peas in a forced irradiation pod. Abrell, Esq. The wireless classroom environment is comprised of industrial size routers, enough devices for each student, all emitting microwave radiation within the physical confines of a single classroom. Unless Wi-Fi mode is turned off, radiation exposure will be further increased by students with cell phones and other wireless devices. The following facts on microwave radiation are submitted to Troy PTSA, followed by demands to remove this health hazard from the Troy High School environment and work to educate students, teachers and staff on how to avoid exposure, in keeping with California State PTA, Section 4.

Government publications, going back decades, acknowledge adverse, ificant biological effects of wireless radiation exposure:. Current guidelines for exposure should be urgently revised.

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Anthony Miller, cancer epidemiologist, served on a of research groups for the IARC, in stated that if RF were classified today, it would have to be classified as a Group 2A probable human carcinogen. WHEREASreproductive harm has been documented in government reports and science: genotoxicity to DNA; damage to sperm, ovarian development and follicles, and reproductive systems leading to cancer, potential infertility and mutations. It is passed on from mother to daughter, generation after generation. The most famous person who is EHS is Dr.

Millions of people throughout the world are likely affected yet most do not realize that microwave radiation and electrical pollution are the cause of their symptoms.

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

EHS is analogous to an allergy and once the body becomes sensitized to sources of EMF pollution, the only known treatment is to ificantly reduce exposure. EHS s are rapidly increasing with the exponential rise in EMF pollution in our homes and communities.

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

There have been many suicides around the world related to severe cases of EHS. Thus, the condition can have devastating effects on individuals and families. WHEREASthe biological damage from microwave radiation is cumulative to the point where the body can no longer tolerate these exposures; mandatory exposure of our children in classrooms all day for their school career will greatly accelerate EHS, severely limiting their future college and career options, all without their informed consent; and.

Martha R. American Academy of Environmental Medicine, comprised of Medical Doctors, Osteopaths and PhD researchers focusing on the effects of environmental agents on human health. Karolinska Institute awards the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Phillips;23 comparison of FCC guidelines with other countries and biological impacts;24 and. WHEREASteachers are becoming Electro Hypersensitive from the wireless radiation in school at Los Angeles Unified School District and elsewhere and reasonable accommodations Local troy Fullerton chat fuck being made so that they may teach in a classroom without radiation; 26and. We all want to provide our children with a bright future.

It is a place in which students and staff are free to learn and teach without the threat of physical and psychological harm. WHEREASwired Internet connectivity does not carry the health hazards of wireless, is a faster, more reliable and secure connection and provides a suitable alternative; and. WHEREASparents, teachers, and adult students are uninformed of these preceding facts on wireless radiation, their human rights are being violated by mandatory microwave radiation exposure at Troy High School; and.

WHEREASparents who are knowledgeable on the health hazards of microwave radiation will be forced to withdraw their child from Troy High School, access to a healthy, safe school environment will be denied; and.

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

Support only wired technology, which does not carry the health harms of wireless radiation; and. Work to fund an education and awareness campaign for students, parents and teachers, educating them on the health affects from wireless radiation, recognizing that those students that utilize these devices deserve to know the least hazardous way of handling wireless technology. Work to support education for staff and teachers, advising them of the science contained in media, websites such as The BabySafe Project, an on-line resource headed by Dr.

Those employees that are pregnant or intend to become pregnant will be appreciative of this information. Motorola, Inc. Anthony Miller, cancer epidemiologist, served on a of research groups for the IARC, pointed out last year that if RF were classified today, it would have to be classified as a Class 2A probable human carcinogen. This entry was posted on May 11,am and is filed under Are they turning their backs on the children?

You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Why do you care so much Joe????? Are you mad because Troy kids kick major arse? You think that kids are not entitled to a safe and healthy school environment?

What does it matter where Joe lives?

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

Are the 1, kids that do not have Troy residency not entitled to a safe environment? They have no say?

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

Side note…. Cheers Troy!! I should also note, that this same policy of open enrollment, is also applicable to the elementary and middle schools here in Fullerton. Troy kids maybe able to pass tests but from what I have seen on the feed on the Troy FBthey shoot from the hip and lack critical thinking skills. Looks like they can only regurgitate what their teachers force feed them and cant deal with facts.

I agree. If this goes as planned there will be no attending you school of residence, school of choice without all day exposure to wireless radiation. Healthy, happy and active with a Local troy Fullerton chat fuck career in Silicon Valley that provided ample time for my wife, who is a medical doctor, and I to travel and pursue our many interests.

That all changed when we returned from summer vacation that year. Does their fixation, love of devices exceed their ability to consider information contrary to their tightly held beliefs? At that time he had been lecturing in Finland and Sweden for many years and had written books about the uses and benefits of online learning.

The Troy students are brainwashed; I do not believe they can objectively look at the science to save their own lives, literally. Do you know the Troy population personally???? This is so sad. Student Zheng Zhu shows early s of being an industry shill. Also wanted to add that another medical authority to contact would be Dr.

Because Wi-Fi can cause heart rate variability, it may also trigger heart arrhythmias. One type of arrhythmia, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, occurs in 1 out of children. Lots of children and adults with undiagnosed heart problems. Wi-Fi poses a dangerous risk in schools, precautionary principle urged. Sinatra cautions this exposure is the greatest medical threat of our time.

Many medical and aviation safety experts caution against Wi-Fi on flights, including testimonials from pilots and aviation employees who complain of illness from Wi-Fi exposure, including pilots fainting while flying causing an emergency situation. Most people and politicians may not care if other people get sick from Wi-Fi, but they will care if pilots get heart attacks or faint. Also, if Local troy Fullerton chat fuck interference should be expected from the 71GHz and 81GHz to aircraft controls unsure of the frequencies aircraft controls broadcast at — if so, this is another risk factor that should be included and given to the FAA and the aviation authorities of other countries.

Can you read? The prior posting, now gone, was representative of the Troy student population. The FB thre speak for themselves. This is a recent interview with Dr. Martin Pall in which he talks about sudden cardiac death, starting at approximately min. I have transcribed that segment, below:. So, there are cells in the heart, in a particular location in the heart, that regulate the heart beat. These pacemaker cells have very high density VGCCs.

They also develop both tachycardia, fast heartbeat, and bradycardias, slow heartbeat. So, things that look opposite but may, in fact, be related to each other. And, arrhythmias, as you may know, are often associated with sudden cardiac death. It kills more children than any other disease and it kills more young adults than any other cancer. These words remind me that win or lose I have to bring forth whatever it is in me to do what I think is right. These words are true to every one of us Local troy Fullerton chat fuck learned all too well about the not so generous nature of humans.

Our chance of adding light into a world with much darkness is dependent on each and every one of us doing their best with the talents they have, to make this world a better place. To make people understand that religion is supposed to bring tolerance and kindness not war, hate and death and to dissolve the power of money, a force that creates more destruction than the good it brings. I think of all the people who already been injured by wireless radiation and cannot be with their families during this holidays season.

For too many Electro-sensitives, these are not joyous times but rather, yet another reminder of the unkind nature of this world, where people are obsessing with gift buying and rather than focusing on the meaning and ignoring their fellow children, women and men who are in dire suffering. I dedicate these words to JENNY FRY who committed suicide this year because of the unkind nature of her school staff and country that ignored her suffering from the Wi-Fi in the school. People do not commit suicide because they want to die, but because they want to stop the suffering. I hope Jenny will be the last victim of wireless technology and no other family will have to celebrate the holidays without its loved one under such circumstances.

Brodeur, P. The zapping of America: Microwaves, their deadly risk, and the coverup. New York: Norton. Written in Microwave radiation has been used as weapon for several decades by the military, ours and Russia.

They, the U. There is enough evidence and it has been around for decades. Lawsuit Update, this is how so-called caring school admin behaves when wireless radiation, the sacred cow of 21st Century Ed, is challenged:. It states the Fay School: Refused to make any meaningful accommodations. Refused to allow him to be on the Fay campus for any reason, including athletics. Refused to consider the medical evidence submitted by the parents. Refused to meet with the parents and their computer experts over the summer of Threatening to dismiss him from school if they speak to his teachers about this.

Repeatedly demanded that G take drugs to mask but not cure his symptoms despite the serious side effects of those drugs. Forced the boy to submit to a humiliating psychological examination even though he has never manifested any symptoms of any psychological problem. Why would the Harvard interviewer ignore all of the work from Harvard gr? After a scheduling conference was held Wednesday in U. District Court in Worcester, the case is set to go to trial on Aug. Hillman, according to court records. Markham II. But the condition is controversial, and not universally recognized in the medical community.

Rob Crawford, a spokesman for the Fay School, had no comment about the case Friday. Shortly after G filed the lawsuit, the sides informed the court they had reached a preliminary agreement in the case. Markham said. G eventually stopped going to class on Dec. But his family said the Fay School made that arrangement unworkable, and the boy stopped attending the school altogether in early December. Fullerton is the 9 snobbiest city in the US. This is all making sense. You are full of yourself. Question: This seems to be an attack on a local PTA.

When did the PTA get the money or authority to install all this dangerous equipment? I think the school board is the government institution that has control.

Local troy Fullerton chat fuck

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