Love in sharpness

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A shiny leather shoe kicked on my already exposed lower abdomen. I howled and covered my stomach with it and lay on the ground. The warm blood instantly soaked my pants. I raised my head and looked desperately at the man with a cold face above my head. I used to think that if there was him, there would be the whole world, and we would grow old together. But in the end, I became infatuated with him, and in return, he betrayed me as if I were going to skin my bones and tear them apart.

Love in sharpness

He had cheated. It was said that the third party was a rich young lady of the wealthy family. For the sake of future and money, he personally pushed our marriage to the abyss. Probably because of the look in my eyes, Chen Ran reached out and grabbed my collar. Jiang Yi Nan, I tell you, it's all your fault that we have come to this day.

Look at you, you are as fat as a sow. You only have one posture when you go to bed. What else can you do except cooking at home?

Love in sharpness

As if she was puzzled, she kicked my stomach several times, which had been so painful that I lost consciousness. I didn't know where the strength came from, but I gritted my teeth and got up from the ground. If you dare to appear in my life again, don't blame me for being rude to you.

Love in sharpness

Don't forget, you still have a disabled sister. I shook off his hand forcefully. I held my head high and finally left the house that I had paid for almost everything. I stood outside Love in sharpness luxurious room with a T-shirt and looked at myself reflected by the golden door. I knew that my body was worthless now.

No matter what price I have to pay, I have to find a backer for myself. Because the Lin family is so powerful that I, a housewife abandoned by my family, can't shake Chen Ran at all. So, I came to beg that man, the only man in Hong Kong who looked down upon the Lin family. I haven't seen him before, but what I heard was that Mr. Jiang's temperament was different from that of ordinary people.

He was the kind of person who would be recognized at a glance in a crowd. The large private room was filled with smoke, electric sound, and foreign wine. They intertwined with those beautiful women's slim waists, forming a scene full of invincibility. When I came in and saw the cold-faced man who was surrounded by several beautiful women, I understood that Mr. Jiang's temperament was different, and what kind of difference it was.

Although it was noisy around, the man in a white shirt, with a wide-opened collar, was like a natural king, and his whole body exuded a chilling aura. He crossed his legs, with a cigarette in one hand and a woman's waist in the other. Although there was a smile on his face, there seemed to be snow in his eyes, which was cold. Who let you in?

Love in sharpness

Get out of here. I took half a step back timidly, but since I am here, I can't leave without saying anything. Hahaha, why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror? Are you qualified to talk to Mr. Jiang doesn't have time to talk to an old lady like you. All of a sudden, I was humiliated by these young girls and felt that it was not worth it. In the process, Mr. Jiang, who was just like a Divine Realm expert, just sat there silently and smoked leisurely. There was a faint smile on the shallow part, but deep in it was like an abyss that couldn't be seen to the end.

In those vicious words, I shouted loudly. At the same time, two men had pushed me out of the door. Jiang, as long as you're willing to help me, you can let me do anything. I can give my life to you, Mr. That's not all. The security guards who had rushed over pulled my two arms and threw me out of the KTV's door. Sitting in the dazzling light, the cold autumn wind seemed to wake me up all of a sudden.

He has everything, and he doesn't need a cheap life like me. I hugged my knees tightly. For the first time, I had the idea of not wanting to live any longer. Didn't know how long it took, when I wiped my tears and looked up and wanted to stand up from the ground, I found a man standing in front of me. His legs were Love in sharpness long, and there was a cigarette in his hand Love in sharpness was hanging down on his side. As long as I help you, you can give me your life. Log In. His Love With Sharpness words Ongoing. In three years, I gave him all my best years.

I didn't cry, I just looked at him coldly. When one was desperate to the extreme, it was hatred. His eyes were very calm, staring at the man whom I had loved for many years. I swear, as long as I have a breath, I won't let you go easily. I knew that it was the child who had just taken shape in my body. With a blood-stained body, I walked to the door with a gray face. But after a few steps, Chen Ran suddenly grabbed my arm tightly. I slowly turned my head and felt that my eyes were bleeding.

But in the end, I still smiled. Let's see who'll be the last one to laugh. A week later. His surname was Jiang, and everyone else called him Mr. With a broken heart, I took a breath and opened the door. As a result, before I could say a word, a very beautiful girl came up to me. It was her words that made me the target of public criticism. Almost everyone's eyes fell on me, including Mr. I calmed down and looked at the man whose eyes were sharp.

I'm not here to wipe the floor. I'm here to see Mr. But a moment later, the room was filled with sarcastic laughter. In his eyes, there was an emotion that I couldn't understand at all. I struggled to resist and said what I wanted to say with the highest voice. I'm too naive. You may also like.

Love in sharpness

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