Malta naughty reviews

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Malta is in the process of starting up its own indigenous film industry. But the domestic market — for films, as for everything else — is far too small to ever be economically viable. Simply put: for a Maltese film to be successful… it has to be exported; which also means it has to have some sort of international appeal.

Does this place any constraints on the type of films we can actually produce? When we look at the European film market in general, what we see is a similar situation in some respects: in many countries, the local market is likewise small; so by definition, they have to export their films, too.

Malta naughty reviews

It projects a voice for your country, on the international stage. And besides: a good, well-told story will always have an appeal across the board. In fact, it often works the other way round. Yet surely it would have a bearing on such issues as, for instance, whether a film gets funding or not. First of all, you need to look at the story. Will it work?

Malta naughty reviews

Is it compelling? What sort of audience would want to watch it? Those are the important aspects: at least, when it comes to putting the script together. But I think that, at this stage of the game in Malta — where we are still trying to build a local film industry, from the ground up — we need to be looking at the types of story that we can actually tell; and at the quality of the films that we can realistically produce. Whether those films are exportable or not, however will ultimately depend on whether they have that solid, creative flair… so it has to start with the film idea, really.

As a producer, it is part of your job to assess a script idea, to determine — among other things — whether it has the potential to be successful on that level. There were various factors. When Alex pitched the idea to me… first of all, the original story idea was quite different from the finished product.

It evolved Malta naughty reviews a lot — as films always do - from the concept stage, to production.

Malta naughty reviews

But some things remained constant throughout: from the outset, he [Alex] specifically made mention of using non-actors; of real locations; of the importance of language… and from the outset, I had a gut feeling that those elements would work. But as the idea evolved, he rooted himself completely in the world of the Maltese fisherman. And that is a very Malta naughty reviews world — but also, one which has a certain resonance to all people, everywhere. The world we live in is, at the end of the day, changing on a global level.

There are many people who feel left behind; and who are constantly on the backfoot. Because the systems and structures, that make up our world today, do not work for everyone. I would actually say they work only for a very specific set of people; but not for the rest of us out here. So really, anyone can empathise with [main character] Jesmark, in the film. That is a big question for all of us….

But of course, resources in Malta are extremely limited, when it comes to local film. So one other important element was the ability to adapt, in any way we could, to any given situation. And luckily, Malta also has its advantages as a location. There is a certain — how can I put it? Malta has, as you say, its restrictions; and one of them is that there may be limits to how much, or how often, the same locations can be used in film. Because there are so many different worlds within our island; for such a small country, there really is a lot to play with; a lot that we can do. But yes, I would generally agree that we need to step away from the more obvious, recognizable locations… the sweeping landscapes, the panoramic views, and so on….

But we definitely cannot allow ourselves to fall under their spell. So instead, we should be looking closer to home. The problem in Malta is a holistic one; we have issues, not only with audience development, but also with distribution…. Generally, these tend to be mainstream international titles: which, to be fair, is the same across large parts of the world. This is, Malta naughty reviews fact, something we tried to break away from, with the Valletta Film Festival.

How do you yourself for this success?

Malta naughty reviews

To be honest, when we were making the film, it was our hope and dream that we would be able to achieve that kind of success. And so was the critical response. What they Malta naughty reviews most, I would say, was the authenticity of the cast, and of the performances… and also, the beauty of the island.

On that level, the praise was almost gushing, in fact. Which brings me back to a point I made earlier: for all its restrictions, Malta has a lot going for it, as a film-making location. Natural lighting, for instance… we are incredibly lucky, to have both the amount, and quality, of sunlight that we have. And Malta films beautifully, too. A beauty that arises from authenticity, rather than appearances: for instance, the rough side of how fishermen actually fish… the reality of being out at sea….

And there is still a lot of that kind of beauty to be explored here. There are still any of stories that could be told…. Coming back to the issue of film audiences: while we have been brought up on a diet of major international productions, our actual expectations of local films may be considerably lower. But at the end of the day, it is all about mentality. Sometimes, for instance, we are so insular, that we think we can do everything on our own: without any outside help, without any outside expertise.

Malta naughty reviews

You need talent from many different places; you might need, for instance, a foreign script consultant; or to take your script to a workshop in Italy, or Germany. You might need a cinematographer, or a sound engineer, with a specific skill-set. But we do have a long road ahead of us. We are still struggling, as an industry, to find our feet. We have to be single-minded; we have to know where quality lies; and we have to just… go for it, really.

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Malta naughty reviews

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