Women wants sex Cocoa

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Is chocolate a substitute for sex? And why do you crave it so much? Today, you learn how to manage your cravings so that you can finally lose those extra pounds. My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond and shed their belly fat. It seems to envelop her body with pleasure. I had some good news for her, and for you. Once you understand WHY you crave chocolate, you can decide if you really need chocolate to fulfill that craving. When you give your body what it really wants, you will be on a faster and sustainable path to weight-loss. It is so important for you to understand your answer to this question so you can lose weight more quickly — and only you can find it out.

Physical comfort. Have you ever felt that you tend to crave chocolate right before you get your monthly period? Our magnesium levels drop due to hormonal fluctuations when we experience PMS — and the time of the month that women tend to crave chocolate the most. Magnesium is one of the major nutrients which most women lack and chocolate supplies. Do you crave chocolate late at night when you finally have some quiet time from the busyness of the day — and you feel like you need something to comfort you?

We have deep connections with the pleasure we feel from the creamy texture and the feeling of chocolate melting in our mouth. Many people eat chocolate as a comfort food when they are depressed or stressed. During the time when our emotions tend to take a dip because of hormones for example, the pre-menstrual cycleit makes sense that we also desire comfort, and chocolate supplies this.

There is something deeper that you are looking for when you crave chocolate. I want you to realize what this need is — so that you can work on filling it more permanently and with something less sugary that will make it easier for you to lose weight. What is that your body is really aching for? Be patient with Women wants sex Cocoa. I recommend writing down the answers or typing it into your phone in the Notes app.

Women wants sex Cocoa

Your thoughts become much clearer when you get them out of your head and down on something. Do this exercise once — and maybe twice or three times if you need more time to really feel yourself. Yes, it will be hard to resist. If you have other cravings, you can use the same set of questions e. What does your body need when you crave chocolate? If you need inner comfort: Is there another form of comfort that would make you feel good — like a warm shower with really nice soap, writing a handwritten letter to a loved one, or reading a stimulating book?

If you crave physical comfort: Can you give your partner, best friend or kids a long hug every evening, and fill up on this very important expression of love when you see them? By spending time learning about yourself, you can improve your life by digging into your real desires — and not covering them up with chocolate. At the same time, you will clear your path for a faster journey to weight-loss.

There you have it. Now you know why people sometimes see chocolate as Women wants sex Cocoa substitute for sex. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you need when you crave chocolate. C omment on my blog or send me a response to this ! Can You Become Addicted to Chocolate? Hi Nagina, Thanks so much for writing this very thoughtful piece on chocolate cravings! Great advice Nagina. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Want to learn more? Read on! Want to boost your metabolism? Comments Hi Nagina, Thanks so much for writing this very thoughtful piece on chocolate cravings!

Women wants sex Cocoa

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Women wants sex Cocoa

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Women wants sex Cocoa

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